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Do you need help with structural calculations?

If you do, then why not give MacLaren Roughton in Maidstone a call? We are an established business with an excellent reputation; something we work very hard to keep. Whatever type of project you are undertaking, we can ensure your structural calculations are correct; just get in touch with us today.

Private and commercial work welcome

MacLaren Roughton work all across South East England, offering our services to both private and commercial clients. We provide a first class service at very reasonable rates, so give us a call to discuss your project.

MacLaren Roughton can help with:

• Writing structural reports

• Carrying out investigations

• Structural design


Preparation of calculations and drawings

We understand that construction involve a variety of people with different expectations and needs, and therefore ensure that we do our utmost to create effective and accurate solutions.

a large commercial office block being constructed a large office block being built with a large crane in the background a row of newly built houses on a new estate a grand Georgian town house

To learn more about how we can help you with

your structural calculations, call 01622 690 540